ST 5.30 by BTE Trans


  • Limited Small Tire is designed to be a heads-up .400 Pro Tree class with a ET cap. of 5.30 sec. 1/8th mile
  • Pairings will be based on a Pro Ladder closest to the cap.
  • If there are more than 32 cars, the first round will be random pairing in the lanes until we are under 32 cars then remaining cars will be placed on ladder.
  • Lane choice will go to the higher qualifier throughout the event Maximum tire: 275 DR or 28×10.5 non W, 17″ and larger rim is allowed up to a 315 radial
  • No wheelie bars
  • There is no minimum weight
  • No pneumatic or electric throttle stops or down track timers
  • Any power adder
  • Factory material quarters and roof. (Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber is limited to deck lid, door skins, front fenders, hood and bumper covers unless factory equipped)
  • Must be street appearing (must retain ALL body panels including hood, bumper covers, etc.)
  • 5.30 set Index


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