The Challenge

There will be a cruise challenge for True Daily and Hot Street.. The way the cruise challenge will work is as follows: Car must be challenged NO LATER THAN 1 HR before scheduled eliminations Challenging racer must put up $100 at OSCA registration trailer BOTH the challenged and challenging racer must take their car on the designated cruise route (approximately 20 miles) IF challenged racer completes the cruise, he/she will get the $100 for their troubles and will be able to compete IF the challenged racer fails to complete the cruise, he/she will not get the $100 and will be disqualified from competition, and the $100 will be returned to the challenger IF challenger fails to complete the cruise, he/she will forfeit the $100 and be DQ’d from competition. Cruise will leave approx 1 hr before eliminations therefore allowing time to complete the cruise and have time to fuel and cool before eliminations begin. (cruise should last approx 25/30 minutes)

Cruise must be completed on same tires as will be raced.

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