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  • Built Just Like a RaceQuip SA Helmet
  • EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Impact Liner
  • Hand Laid FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) Shell
  • Fire Retardant Nomex(R) Liner
  • Fire Retardant Paint
  • Multi-Point Adjustable Webbing System 
  • Ear Cutouts Accomodate Radio Headsets
  • Durable ABS Sun Visor

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RaceQuip Auto Racing Pit Crew Helmets feature a comfortable open face “shorty” design that will easily accommodate a radio headset. Over the wall team members and fire safety crews prefer these helmets because they are built just like the RaceQuip driver’s helmets utilizing an FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) shell, an eps (expanded polystyrene) impact liner, fire retardant blended Nomex® interior, and a special fire retardant exterior paint. These fire retardant properties also make the RaceQuip crew safety helmet an ideal choice for tactical uses like police riot gear, swat teams, flight crews, rescue workers, and fire jumpers who fight forest fires. The FRP used for shell construction is a premium high strength Fiberglass. An ABS visor runs across the front of the helmet to reduce glare from the sun and exhaust vents allow airflow across the scalp to promote cooling. The multi-point adjustable webbing system makes the RaceQuip crew helmet easy to adjust and comfortably attach to any head. Since these helmets utilize headset clearance cutouts around the ears, they do not meet the specifications set for Snell or DOT ratings. Available in Gloss White or Flat Black in sizes Small through 2XL.

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