JR Open Comp


OSCA is going SMALL! JR Open Comp is HERE!

As we are always looking to grow our series, we know there are lots of tough young racers and, what better way to build for our future than to get them involved?

  • $50 entry NO buy back
  • $400 Winner / $100 RU w/10 cars
  • We will run on a pro style ladder with best rt closest to .000 being number one etc. Negative rt will fall to the bottom of ladder. In the event of more than 32 cars, we will random pair and ladder once there are less than 32. In this case, ladder will be built on previous round reaction time.
  • Lane choice will follow qualifying position throughout elimination.
  • .500 pro tree staggered start with break out in effect
  • 2 qualifying passes, quickest pass will be index for the rest of the event
  • Please follow the NHRA guidelines for your age group. We will be hard capping the bottom at 7.90. If anyone qualifies BOTH PASSES below 7.90, their index for the event WILL be 7.90. If one is under and one is over, you will be on the ET that is OVER. (ex. Q1 7.89, Q2 7.92..Index WILL BE 7.92 for event)


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